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Dec 21, 2017 at 09:55 AM

How to get multiple classifications to write out to /SAPSLL/CORCTS when creating an import CD?


Hi All

I will do my best to explain my issue here but I am still pretty new to GTS. We are running 11.0

We have created some Z classifications against our products in GTS and would like these to appear in /SAPSLL/CORCTS and /SAPSLL/CTSNUM when we create an Import document prior to Goods Receipt. We have defined a numbering scheme for tariff numbers for Harmonized Tariff Codes and these are creating fine.

We would also like our Z classifications to be written to these tables. I know you can only assign one import scheme for tariff numbers.

Is there a way we can link this classification maybe via additional codes so that when we create an import customs document the Z classification data will be written to /SAPSLL/CORCTS and /SAPSLL/CTSNUM?

If not then maybe upon creation we need to write our Z classification data to these tables through development - However I am trying to resist this. If development is the only answer I would like to know what program/FM writes the data to these tables.

Thanking you all in advance.