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Apr 08, 2008 at 11:28 AM

What is so special about the "ticket" login module stack?



I am observing some odd behaviour with login module stacks.

I have a custom login module that performs authentication using information in the HTTP servlet request. This custom login module does not require any interaction from the user. I want to use this custom login module when I authenticate to the portal.

By default, the portal uses an authentication scheme known as "uidpwdlogon", which uses the "ticket" login module stack, which is configured to perform basic password login. When I attempt to access the portal I am presented with a username/password page and I need to enter a username and password, hit the "submit" button, and access to the portal is granted.

So I replaced the BasicPasswordLoginModule entry in the "ticket" login module stack with my custom login module, and now access to the portal is granted automatically, as expected. There is no username/password page displayed.

But if I create a new login module stack that contains exactly the same modules as "ticket" login module stack, and modify the "uidpwdlogon" authentication scheme to use my new login module stack instead of the "ticket" login module stack, then something odd occurs: I am now presented with a username/password page again. I need to hit the "submit" button to navigate away from this page before the custom login module stack will process, which will then grant access to the portal.

If I change the "uidpwdlogon" authentication scheme back to use the "ticket" login module stack (which is exactly the same as the previous login module stack), then access to the portal is granted automatically without showing a username/password page.

So: if the (modified) "ticket" login module stack is used, there's no username/password page shown. If a copy of that login module stack is used, then a username/password page is shown.

What's going on here?