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Process Order - Adding in trade materials - Rework

I've looked quite a bit on Google. Perhaps I just don't know the search parameters.

Anyway here's my scenario:

1. Process order is created, material GI, and confirmed. It produced too much so the confirmation was for 200 over. The extra 200 is GR into the system. (This part works great)

2, A second process order is created. It is for the same material as in step 1. Instead of just creating what they need. The requirement is to be able to use the normal master recipe to create the material for 1000. Then add the 200 into it. So now the process order should be showing 1200.

I have not seen a way to do this without adding custom code. I have tried putting the process order in for 1000 - getting the right amount for the ingredients and then adding the 200 to the components. Then changing the process order quantity to 1200. That doesn't work - the components are recalculated.

It seems strange to me - to dump a trade product back in with the other ingredients. But for what we do it makes business sense. By doing the above the product is moved from bags back into tons. I did think of a rework order - but I wasn't sure what to do with it - the material is being reworked into itself.

This is for 4.6 C.

Any thoughts would be appreciated - I'm really not sure about this one,


And I never like to say it can't be done. Of course it can be if I code for it. But is it worth the change? I'm hoping custom code won't be the answer.

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