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Apr 08, 2008 at 10:42 AM

Bank guarantee- Provisions / security deposit


Dear All,

I have looking for bank Guarantee solution in SAP. I know about SP GL but it doesn't cover the full functionalities like administrate Provisions which the customer paying to the Banks.

The core Process is like the advanced payment(FI) include the administration of Provisions.

The process starts with:

- Advanced payment request from selling customer

- The buying customer ask for securities for this advanced payment,

- The selling customer contacts bank for secure Advance payment,

- Bank secures that and asks for provisions (less than normal Interest).

- The buying customer pays "Advanced payment".

- The selling customer pays provisions for just outstanding part of advanced payment because when selling customer deliver services then advanced payment turn into Turnover.

Knows someone how /where to customize such process?

It should be a standard sap solution.

Thanks for your help


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