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VA01 - Return Sales Order Getting error CX_MSR_TRC079

Hello Guys.

I am trying to create a Return Order in VA01 and system is getting the message


Checking this error I realized that system is checking table T134M, and for this scenario flags of quantity and value update are empty.

So for the system I am trying to return a service material, but this material is manufactoring residue.

Question 1, what is the impact of flag this table T134M ?.

Question 2, Does exist any type of return for material that have no update of value and quantity ?

Thanks a lot.


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3 Answers

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    Dec 20, 2017 at 06:32 PM

    CX_MSR_TRC079 Services are not allowed in Advanced Returns processes The short text describes the object sufficiently

    ARM is all about materials that can be physically touched, moved, stored and repaired. NLAG material is not stored in SAP, and T134 is the only table which has indicators to tell SAP whether the material has the expected attributes or not. Without quantity management it has to be assumed it is a service, and the programs cannot do all the expected ARM functions if the material is not inventory managed.

    1879120 - FAQ: External Repair with Advanced Returns Management

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  • Dec 20, 2017 at 08:43 PM

    Thank you all, I did not know this ARM feature.

    So to solve the problem we have some options:

    1- Turn off ARM for the return document type

    2-Create a material with quantity update

    3-Create a specific return document without ARM feature

    Thanks a lot.

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    • 1 - Before modifying ARM settings it is better to read more about how it works and how it is used in your company - otherwise you risk breaking existing business processes.

      2 - Discuss with your MM and FI colleague how this material should be treated.

      3 - In the standard system there are separate return order types that are not relevant for ARM. Are you sure that you have to create new ones?

      Normally for companies that productively use SD there is a functional design documentation where you can find if standard returns process is configured, if the consultant set up a z* order type for this and how the end-to-end process is supposed to work. Ask your colleagues where you can find this document.

  • Dec 20, 2017 at 06:15 PM

    Advanced returns are normally used when you sold some product to a customer, but he complains about a problem with quality, you perform inspection and based on the outcome you decide what to do - e.g. give some or all the money back, or receive the material, send it to a vendor for repairs etc.

    I do not know what this manufacturing residue product is, but it does not sound like something you sell to customers - what is the reason to use ARM-relevant document type?

    There is also the question about the correct settings for quantity and value update - how is this material treated in other valuation areas (plants)? If it is treated differently - what is the reason for this specific valuation area to deviate from others? Changing the setting for quantity and value update is not a minor thing and before changing any settings there you need to discuss the case with MM and FICO people.

    As to returns process for a material without value and quantity update - what exactly do you aim to achieve when you return something that you do not track by value and do not track by quantity?

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