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Apr 08, 2008 at 09:27 AM

File content conversion


Hi XI experts,

After some XI support packages the file content conversion from file to XML stopped working. In the file each line ends with a separator. Removing the unnecessary separator will probably solve the problem, but I also tried adding the parameter additionalLastFields with value ignore. The number of fields in each line corresponds exactly with the determination of the fields in the file content conversion. I expected that the new parameter would ignore the last separator and that the conversion to XML would work.

However, for one of the line types it does not work. Here is an example:

Definition of fields in the file:


Content of file line:

BAPISDITM;200732611/1;000010;14;Z7;Z4;ZHG0002;6888.000;TO;;;9168257;969844;SICHEM ANNE;200732611;06;M450;

Field PURCH_NO_S contains the value "SICHEM ANNE". The conversion stops after SICHEM, which means that PURCH_NO_S is only converted half and the following fields (REF_1_S, MAT_PR_GRP, ROUTE) are not converted at all to the XML.

If I delete the space, so that the value is "SICHEMANNE", it works fine.

Does anyone know why the space in PURCH_NO_S stops the conversion?


Bertil Goeree