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Need to set values in the SO item charcteristics

Hello everyone

We need to update the Sales order item characteristics. We can find several thread on that subject including some peace of code to use.

It is working fine when the values of the characteristics have already be entered manually by a user. We have done that using the class CL_CBASE.








Finally add the statement "COMMIT WORK AND WAIT".

But when the characteristic is at its initial value, so no user has enter any value yet, the save mechanism doesn't work. Even if we can see by debugging the values have been changed before the method save_and_free, the value is not updated at the Sales Order item characteristic level.

We have 3 characteristics to update and all of them are numeric 6.

Is anyone succeed to update/add characteristics value when those characteristics have not been updated by the user?

All suggestion will be highly appreciated.



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  • Hi Daniel,

    For one of my issues I was able to change the characteristic values when sales order was getting created.

    The order was saved with the changed characteristic value. I could see them using in transaction code CUTABLEINFO but not in VA02/VA03.

    Please run transaction code CUTABLEINFO by keying in sales order and item, check if there are any values updated for those characteristics.



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