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PowerBuilder 10 DB connection not working in Windows 10

Dec 20, 2017 at 02:03 AM


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I am using PB 10 and IBM DB2 10.5.

While I connect using PFC transaction object n_tr (Connect using this.) The system is freezing and the DB is not connecting. Any idea what the issue here ?

is there a compatiablity issue with PB ODBC driver in windows 10 ?

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You indicate that the database is not connecting, what exactly is the behaviour? Do you see see errors? What is the database? Is the database (client) software supported on Windows 10.

I have had PB 12.6 running on Windows 10 but as Chris noted the first supported version of PB on Windows 10 is PB 2017. As he also noted, PB 10 is quite old so it would be hard to say if it would run correctly on a relatively new OS. You might be able to get it working better in a compatibility mode for a OS that PB10 might have been supported. .

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1 Answer

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Former Member Dec 20, 2017 at 02:25 PM

Hi Ebin;

FWIW: The first version of PowerBuilder to be certified for W10 is PB 2017 from Appeon. PB v10 is getting quite old now and not designed for newer O/S versions and even newer DBMS versions as well for that matter.

Regards ... Chris

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