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inconsistent behavior of save buttons with SAP NetWeaver

Hello Everyone,

I'm working on an addition for our workbooks. The idea is that I want the workbooks to be saved with the scrollbars all the left and up regardless of where users scroll to while they edit them. I decided to do this with the code below, however I'm noticing different behavior with the save button in the workbook and the save button in the VBA code editor. When I save through the save button in the workbook, I see the scrollbars flicker after which they remain in the same spot. When I save through the save button in the code editor the scrollbars are scrolled all the way left and up as expected. I'm using SAP BusinessObjects Analysis version:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)        
    ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 1
    ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 1
End Sub

I also tried applying this code to a new, empty workbook that I saved to SAP NetWeaver and the issue persists (the save button in the workbook doesn't change the scroll position whereas the one in the code editor does.)

I also tried creating a new, empty workbook locally then I applied the code and the behavior of both save buttons is consistent in that the scroll positions are restored.

Any ideas of what might be causing this issue?



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