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Former Member
Apr 07, 2008 at 08:42 PM

Populating Line Manager (T750X, RESPO)



I'm trying to determine why the Vacancies report (S_AHR_61015516) does not always include the Line Manager. In a few cases it’s because the Superior position over the vacant position is also vacant. However, in most cases, the Chief over the vacancy is in place in the OM structure but the Line Manager (Chief) still does not appear on the report. After looking at it, it appears that when the Line Manager is populated for a vacancy, that position has been filled (had an A008 holder) at least once since Go Live (12/7/07). All the vacant positions where there is not a Line Manager listed (and there are a lot) have been vacant since Go Live (never had an A008 holder). If I hire/fire someone in a position then the Line Manager is populated the next time I run the vacancy report…so it appears there is some ‘automatic’ link somewhere.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to do a mass population of Line Manager for all vacancies ‘automatically’ based on the existing data in the OM org structure?

Thank you,

- Lora