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Message no. RSAR245 - Transfer Rules Syntax Error

Dec 19, 2017 at 08:41 AM


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Somehow, the transfer rules in Q/A system is producing an error message. The syntax error is only happening in Q/A but not in Dev or Production. What caused this, I do not know. The syntax error is, as follows:

E:"/BI0/HMATL_GROUP" must be a flat structure. Internal tables, strings,
references, and structures cannot be used as components.

The declaration of a variable is XXX like /BI0/HMATL_GROUP. The variable is intended to be hierarchical. Hence, the error message. The question is how to avoid this error message? I tried activating the transfer rules with the program

RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL. The activation produces the above mentioned error message. How do I overcome this issue?

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2 Answers

Gunjan Gupta
Jan 22 at 12:34 PM


Could you please check the following KBA 1879618: Pre-upgrade measures for upgrade/update to 7.4.



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Former Member Feb 05 at 04:47 AM


After the upgrade to 7.5 BW on Hana, when we imported the hierarchy of an InfoObject the length of the NODENAME - RSSHNODENAME change from 60 a different number. We opened the system and all was good after that. Thank you for your reply. RAP

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Hi Raul,

It's not clear if issue resolved with suggested 1879618 KBA or not.

Best regards, Andras