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BIST 2.1 problems

I'm happy that 2.1 version is now available, good work :) but I want to report some observations:
1. When I'm entering data in "Email Destination Settings" and click Save Changed everything is OK but after restarting BIST all data diapered and I need to once again enter all data to be able to Schedule Report in destination Email SMTP.

2. Why there is requirement to fill in "Email Destination Settings" in BIST to schedule report if we need enter all those data manual when scheduling? Additionally those data disappear after scheduling in BO system. I need to reenter all those data once again directly in report (in BO system).

3. Why scheduled Landscape Report is not attached to email? I've tested to sent report to corporate email, gmail etc and always only txt file with logs is attached. Without this scheduling report is useless.

4. Sometimes when BIST try to login to BO system nothing happens. I'm entering logon data on BIST screen to connect to BO system "Logging please wait.." and nothing happens. Restarting BIST helps for a while... I never have this problem before in 2.0.8 version.

Tested in 4.2 SP3 Patch2 Hotfix1 on Windows environment.

Michal Walczak

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1 Answer

  • Dec 19, 2017 at 08:27 PM

    Thanks for testing this Michal,

    1. I reproduced this, we'll get this fixed for the next release.

    2. The intent is that defaults for the email settings can be set, but the scheduling dialog in BIPST can allow for changing of email output destination - Defaults should be filled in from preferences, but if they're not saving, that could be the cause. I'll do some more testing around this.

    3. Design limitation for now I think, BIPST creates an output zip file, but that's saved inside landscape results, rather than as a child of the program object - I'll see about getting an opendocument link or other workaround for this, will check with Toby when he's back in the office.

    4. I need a bit more info for this, could you enable logging from options -> edit preferences -> General, reproduce the hang, collect the log from the BIST\BISupport\bin\logging directory and zip/send it to



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