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Apr 07, 2008 at 12:32 PM

Security popup message shown when moving from secured(portal) to non-secure



We are upgrading our enterprise portal from EP 5.0 to EP 6.0 and our ITS from ITS 6.1 patch 29 to ITS 6.2 patch 26. We use SAP R/3 4.6c system.

Our system framework is we one portal server. A load balancer to redirect to one of the four ITS servers.

A user will login to portal using the URL,, this will show a login page of portal. After the user key in the user id & password and login to the system, portal homepage is shown which will have SAP R/3 transaction as Iviews.

When a SAP R/3 transaction is invoked by clicking on SAP R/3 transaction Iview, ITS load balancer URL( is given as a property in portal when system landscape is defined ) is called, which

will redirect to the one of the ITS servers


The problem is when a SAP R/3 transaction is clicked

a security popup is shown stating "This page contains both secure and non-secure items. Do you want to display the non-secure items". The reason why this popup is show is, the control is moved from "" to "".

Please let me know how to suppress this security popup message.


H.K.Hayath Basha.