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Apr 07, 2008 at 11:55 AM

Printing Problem in New Page Format


Hi Everybody,

I have an issue lying long time in my Company.

Abap person asked me to create a new page format with new page sizing and all. i created it. this is actually for Voucher printing which does not require A4 size. so that i specified specific paper size in that.

Voucher is Printing in the Specified Size, ok. But, after printing it, the printer automatically Rolls till the end of the paper.(Probably this would have taken A4 by Default)

the issue is, we need to stop this rolling and we need to make this printing as specified.since it is continuous printing, every time we cant manually rotate the page.(Printer Epson Dot Matrix)

Is this either can be sorted out by ABAP or Basis Person.

What can be done from Our Basis Side?