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Oct 20, 2016 at 05:51 PM

Profit Centre - Transfer Price posting issues


Hi All,

We have activated material ledger with parallel valuation.ML is activate and working without issues. Legal valuation and Group valuation values are flowing correctly. Except PCA valuation values are not flowing for cross profit center transactions.

We have done following configuration steps:

àMaintain Currency and Valuation Profile

àAssign Currency and Valuation Profile to Controlling Area

àCreate Versions for Valuation Methods

àActivate Valuation Areas for Material Ledger

àSet Up Transfer Prices in a Production System

àMultiple Valuation Approaches: Check/Execute Activation

àBasic Settings for Pricing

àAdvanced Settings for Pricing

àSettings for Internal Goods Movements

àUpdated pricing condition using AKE5 for material and partner profit center combination also.

When I trying to issue material to production order with cross profit center, system is not generating any profit center valuation postings based on transfer price (TP) condition values. still using standard price from material master (PCA valuation).

I tried with intra plant PO with cross profit enter and still facing same issue.

Am i missing anything here? is there any additional MM steps are required to use transfer price (TP) in cross profit center/intra plant transactions?

Any help is appreciated.