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Apr 07, 2008 at 09:31 AM

Web Dynpro: several navigation links connect to one outbound plug of a view



I have two questions in general Web Dynpro. (I have not found precise answer for the question yet)

1) What should happen in the following case?

We have three views in a component. The outbound plug of the first view is connected to the inbound plug of the second and third view via navigation links. Which view should appear, if i fire the outbound plug of the first view?

Some documentation says, this case is not allowed, some documentation says it is allowed...

2) If the previous case is allowed, what should happen in the following case?

In a child component, a window outbound plug is connected to a view inbound plug. Beside this, I implement an inbound plug of the window, where i fire this outbound plug of the window.

Now, the interface view is embedded into a parent component window. In the parrent component I connect the outbound plug of the interface component to an inbound plug of a parent view (which is also embedded into the window). I also connect an outbound plug of the parent view to the interface view inbound plug.

What will happen if I fire the parent view outbound plug? Will the parent view or child view appear?