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manual check and auto check issue

Dec 18, 2017 at 11:13 AM


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check-issue-manual-auto-10.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-09.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-08.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-07.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-06.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-05.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-04.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-03.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-02.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-01.jpgDear All

We are using SAP Business one 8.81.312 PL:04, for the last many years. At the outgoing payment check window we used to mark the manual check printing give the number of the cheque by typing in the number than we are used to go to the check printing window and print the check refer attached jpg files starting with the suffix of 1 and ending on 14 (this I've done after making a word document of the whole process and when I tried to upload it I found out that word doc couldn't be uploaded, so feel a bit hesitant to ask your favour to open each file and see it in sequence than, but that's the only way I found out, if you have any other better way to explain this kindly let me know and I'll provide details in that format) the files from 1 to 14 will show you the complete flow of this and of the setup/admin snapshots as well check-issue-manual-auto-01.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-02.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-03.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-04.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-05.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-06.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-07.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-08.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-09.jpgcheck-issue-manual-auto-10.jpg

of the bank configuration/setup.

The problem we are facing is system automatically de-ticks the manual check auto assign it another check number which we are unable to identify as to what type of cycle/numbering it's following and leaves us in an issue which will end up in a very bad condition for the bank reconciliation matter.

This issue is just identified for the last couple of years we haven't opted for the auto creation of check functionality even once and manual check was going great. and now the problem is popped out at such a time when check making is at it's peak and our work is stopped due to this.

I'll highly appreciate, if the issue resolution is provided on as soon as practicable basis. Kindly don't hesitate to contact if you do require any further information from our end.

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tried to open the attachments but unable to so here it is attached again 10 out of 14 here

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1 Answer

Iftikhar Azim Abbasi Dec 18, 2017 at 11:25 AM
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