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I have a questoin about ByD Actual Costing

Hi all,

In Actual costing in BYD, it seems that actual cost does not apply for opening inventory variance.

In other words, it does not allocate a previous ending inventory variance to a current period's actual valuation.

Please see the below chart. The difference in yellow color should be 5.

However, this yellow field is updated based on the previous month of inventory balance.

As a solution for this, we execute actual cost release and update with the previous actual cost.

Please find the attached if you read an incident from a support team.

How is actual costing for inventor proceeded in ByD?

JanFeb1́›”Standard Cost100WON1́›”Standard Cost100WONQuantityStdDifferenceActualQuantityStdDifferenceActualBeginning1100100Beginning1100100GR110010110GR110020120Total220010210Total220020220GI11005105GI110010110Ending11005105Ending110010110

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  • Dear Mr. Jung,

    Can you please update your question with any screenshots. The chart is not in readable format. We can get more details with snapshots and help you further.



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    Dec 29, 2017 at 10:16 PM

    Hello Jung Hwan,

    If you want to post the differences between Actual Cost and existing Journal Entries to Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold you can go to Actual Cost Allocation view, then you can execute runs to use the results from the Actual Cost Roll up Run and post the differences.

    Please note that in order to ensure correct results, it is recommended that you ensure that there are no new postings between actual cost roll up and actual cost allocation run.

    You mentioned that you executed the Actual Cost release.

    In the Actual Cost Release view, you create actual cost release runs that release the actual costs for materials based on selection criteria. A release run overwrites the actual cost in the materials master data for the current or future accounting periods with the cost calculated for preceding periods in the respective actual cost roll up runs.

    Release runs are always multilevel. That is, they release the cost estimates of the selected materials and the cost estimates of all semi-finished materials in their structures.

    You typically use this function after an actual cost roll up run.

    In the Actual Cost Roll up view, you create actual cost roll up runs that calculate the actual costs of materials in a company based on selection criteria. You can specify the materials to be costed based on their IDs, their product categories, and/or the business residences to which they are assigned.

    If this is not the required information, or if you still have questions, you can provide further details for us be able to check the same.

    You can also check our Help Documentation for more detailed information:

    • Actual Cost Allocation Quick Guide
    • Actual Cost Release Quick Guide
    • Actual Cost Rollup Quick Guide
    • Actual Costing
    • Inventory Cost Analysis Based On FIFO



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