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Apr 06, 2008 at 06:41 PM

onActionShow gives no result


Hi Experts,

I am creating an application similat to web dynpro example : Accessing ABAP Functions in Web Dynpro. found here [ [original link is broken]].

I created an RFM which has import parameters as Date of Type CATSDB-WORKDATE. It has 'Employee_atab' as tables parameters. This is a custom fm, so if the date is given as input, it gives employee's attendence and absences in table 'Employee_atab' . It is working perfectly fine in R/3 system.

I am trying to create a web dynpro UI for this fm: So 'date' will be supplied through Web Dynpro and Table "Employee_atab" output will be seen in Web Dynpro.

I am struck here. when I give the 'date' and press show button, i do not see any thing in the table UI element.

I have a curiosity if the logic here below in wdInit Method of the controller is fine:I am guessing it is the problem with Date conversion.

Z_Hr_Time_Report_2Weeks_Input readInput = new Z_Hr_Time_Report_2Weeks_Input();


Calendar c1 = Calendar.getInstance();

// Date sDate = new Date();

Date d = new Date(c1.getTimeInMillis());

readInput.setStartdate(new Date (c1.getTime().getTime()));

This is the code in Search View controller:

public void onActionShow( wdEvent )


//@@begin onActionShow(ServerEvent)





I can not locate the problem. I am not sure how the RFM is responding to the Date input on web dynpro. I am on ERP2004, I can not create a external break point in my RFC.

Could any body throw some light on the problem. I would really appreicate your help.


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