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Former Member
Apr 06, 2008 at 03:48 PM

Adaptive Web Service Model and KM web services(RepositoryFrameworkWS)


Hi all,

I would like to create webdynpro application that would access the EP KM throught web services by using of adaptive webservice model.

KM web services are available from NW04s SP12 with name RepositoryFrameworkWS.

I did a testing webdynpro application, that tries to create empty file in KM. If i use just old web service model, everything works fine, but using of adaptive webservice model doesn't work. When i run the created application and click on the button to call controller method CreateDocument the following error appears:

Exception on execution of web service with WSDL URL '' with operation 'createDocument' in interface 'RepositoryFrameworkWSVi_Document'

The wdDoInit of controller in case of adaptive model is following:

model = new Test();

Request_CreateDocument requestMO = new Request_CreateDocument(model);

CreateDocument documentMO = new CreateDocument(model);



and the method CreateDocument:

IWDMessageManager manager = wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager();

Request_CreateDocument requestMO = wdContext.currentRequest_CreateDocumentElement().modelObject();

try {



catch(Exception e) {

manager.reportException(e.getMessage(), false);


Could you help me, please?

Has somebody tried already to call KM web services by using of adaptive webservice model?

Thank you very much and Kind Regards,