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Apr 06, 2008 at 11:38 AM

Problem Solving


Hi SAPies

Does anybody know who watches/participates in various FORUMS. It seems to me that this forum is very useful to solving problems and sometimes raising "Real Issues" within SAP B1. However, I am not sure that the "Real Issues" are communicated with SAP developers because I come accreoss Issues which are years old and nothing has been done by SAP to rectify them. This is a great shame because there is valuable information for SAP on this FORUM, but I feel that it is lost within the context of users learning from each other, developers trying to find their own answers to their issues, some social chatter etc. But the real problems and bugs within SAP are really lost and I see various users reporting similar things but NOBODY is listening.....

Perhaps somebody knows how to communicate with SAP developers - I did not manage to find a way after 6 months of trying. Is SAP B1 so confident that they do not care about their customers? - dangerous policy!


PS. Perhaps there should be a way of highlighting the REAL issues when they are found. So here is an idea how to do it:

STEP 1 - The user can Flag a potential Real ISSUE when they are confident that it is the case (say a Pink Blob against the question) This way SAP developers will only have to look at the Pink Questions.

STEP 2 - SAP aknowledges that it has idendified and aknowledged the issue by changing the Blob to Brown colour

STEP 3 - SAP changes the Blob colour to Orange when they start working on this issue.

STEP 4 - SAP changes the Blob to Green when the issue has been resolved.

The result will be that Users of this FORUM will have a system of communication with SAP on real issues, otherwise I feel that we are having a "Conversation of the Deaf"

We need some initiative on this because a lot of people are wasting their time and get frustrated when the solutions are not there or they do not know if anybody is listening...

I hope somone from SAP will read this as a "constructive idea" of how to gain more satisfied users.