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Former Member
Apr 05, 2008 at 02:47 PM

Require help to design the GP


Hi All,

I am new in GP so require help in designing. My requirement is

Intially there will a WebDynpro screen(component) which will pull data from r/3. The screen will contain a table,

on selection of record I want to show an adobe interactive form which will have some prepopulated data again pulled by seperate FM.

User fills in remaining data and clicks submit.

That interactive form should go for approval to appropriate manager.


1) Should I club first WebDynpro screen and on click of record 2nd view adobe form should be part of same WebDynpro component, thus creating one

callable object of WebDynpro component. This will be step 1?

2) Should I make adobe form as seperate callable object?

3) Is there any configuration required for showing interactive adobe forms in GP

4) Where will be mapping of users and corresponding managers maintained in GP.

5) Is there a seperate GP inbox? or UWL is required?

Kindly help, points would be awarded for helpful answers.