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quantities shows blank in packing slip outbound delivery

Dec 19, 2017 at 01:37 PM


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Hello all,

We have a situation, till before we use to pack one material per one delivery note ( 1:1) but not we are packing multiple materials under one delivery note (1: several), when we had 1:1 concept even though the parent line item consist of batch split the child line items 90001 , 90002 and 90003 associated with parent qty's used to display on packing slip.

for example ( line itm 10 is (parent) is picked from there different 3 batches which creates 90001 , 90002, 90003 child line items and seen on packing slip ,

item 10 blank

90001 10 qty's

90002 30 qty's

90003 50 qtys's and bin Xyz

So when we pick and pack in 1: several scenarios, in the new packing slip line items 90001, 90002 and 90003 are not captured, only Line item 10 which is blank captured in packing slip , which is leaving blank on packing slip instead of the actual picked qty.,

Thanks in Advance,

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I am not really clear about what you are describing, maybe you could post screenshots to make it clearer.

you wrote "till before we use to pack one material per one delivery note ( 1:1)"

what does this really mean? did you only have one material item in a delivery?

And now you have many items in a delivery? And you pack all materials into one packaging, or do you pack each item individually?

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Snip 1 is parent and snip 2 is child items, so in my packing slips sap shows only item 10 which is 0 in our example ( snip 2 ) but basically it is picked in multiple batches, (900013 900014 900015 900016 and 900025 )( snip 2 ) which is not showing in the final pack slip

please let me know if any issues

snip1.png (22.1 kB)
snip2.png (28.6 kB)

so far this is just standard and looks equal in my system.

Still having difficulties to understand: "which is not showing in the final pack slip"

Is this pack slip something that you see in your delivery, or is this a paper form defined by your company.

And is this different to the information that is shown when you click the pack icon?

Is there no pack item at the end of all items in the item overview of the delivery?

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1 Answer

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Former Member Dec 19, 2017 at 10:28 PM

Got it ,

i tested it, and output type is custom,

Thanks for you Patience and Help

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