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Apr 04, 2008 at 09:33 AM

Problem in SHD0 about creation of Transaction Variant for VA02


Hi All,

My goal is to create a Transaction Variant for VA02 Variant that doesn't display the "Object Status" button under the page "Status" in the Header of Sales Orders.

To do so, I created a Transaction Variant in SHD0 (named ZTEST_VA02), the creation process creates the Screen Variants too, and i named them ZTEST_VA02_<dynpro_number>.

The Dynpro where I can found the button to hide is the SAPMV45A / 4305, so the Screen Variant Name is ZTEST_VA02_4305.

My problem is that If I test the single Screen Variant (ZTEST_VA02_4305) using the button in SHD0, I can see the whole transaction with my modify (the "Object Status" button is hidden), but testing the entire Transaction Variant ZTEST_VA02 I cannot see the modify and the Button is pretty visible.

I even tried to create a Transaction with Variant, in SE93, that launches the transaction VA02 with the variant ZTEST_VA02, and I tried to assign the Transaction Variant I created as a Standard Variant, in both cases the problem is that the modify doesn't appear to be applied.

For me this is a real mistery because If the Screen Variant is right (It works) I would expect to see that even the Transaction Variant is correct.

Does Anyone have (or have ever had) this problem?

Thank You very much for your attention.



PS: I forgot to mention that I'm working on SAP ECC 6.0

Edited by: Claudio Distrutti on Apr 4, 2008 11:47 AM