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Bilaunchpad performance issue with Fiori

SAP BI 4.2 Sp05, AIX edition, the same happens on Windows.

SAP BI 4.2 Sp03 FP11 (Interactive) / SAP BI 4.2 Sp04 FP04 (Fiori)
Our advanced business users have developed very complex WebI reporting system - with many nested variables, input controls, long formulas etc. it took approx
10-13 seconds to see the purged report (there are many sheets) and approx 5-6 sec to refresh (in DWH) ,then calculation on WebI rep side took another 5-6 sec and business users had to wait up to 30 sec in total in order to see the final result.

SP05 refresh time in DWH is the same, which is perfectly ok, but now when i open the report in Fiori it takes 24-26 seconds, so almost 2 times more. In Sp05 Launchpad - now this is much better , even 6-7 seconds (this can be because of VM priority rules, which I've set).

I do not see error lines related to Fiori in log files, just very generic ones, but Fiori part now seems a bit slower for complex reports, samples are fast and simple reports also opens fast, a bit slower compared to Launchpad, but that's acceptable.

I do know that there are lot of changes in Fiori part of BI, but even when I modify Tomcat priority/ J2EE performance nothing chages. Will try on Websphere later on, do not know if this is WAS issue, or Code line.

is there anything I can test/check on BI side ? APS servers have been splitted in the same way as I did this in previous versions

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1 Answer

  • Dec 18, 2017 at 10:55 PM

    I would suggest you to open an incident with SAP. In my opinion, the report rendering in Fiori Launchpad should take a different method of report rendering as compared to traditional report rendering so as the services it use based on the report objects like charts. Please share us your finding too.



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