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Apr 04, 2008 at 05:59 AM

APO questions


Dear Gurus,

Pl asnswer the following questions.

1 The output of demand planning in APO is

A Constrained based demand plan


C Unconstrained Demand plan

D Planned order

2 Subassembly planning strategy 70 in R/3 gets transferred to APO as requirement strategy 20 with following indicator

A Mixed MRP indicator 1

B Time indicator

C Assembly Planning indicator

3 data fields changed in R/3 material master are transferred to APO in

A Real time as change transfer

B Transferred as delta transfer when the integration model is executed

C Entire material master is retransferred

D Only the changed field is transferred

4 The product master fields which are not transferred from R/3 to APO are maintaine in APO By

A Mass Maintenance in APO

B R/3 material master record can be enhanced with customer specific fields and thes fields can be transferred through integration model using customer exit

C Product master can not be maintained in APO at all

5 The following resources can be transferred from R/3 to APO

A Production Resources

B Transportation Resources

C Bucket resource

D Single Activity Resources