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XML to IDOC INVOIC02 - Handle several extensions

Dec 18, 2017 at 11:59 AM


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I have to extend the INVOIC02 format to import custom fields. The problem is, that there is already a business extenstion in use in our scenario.

I created a new Z extension and I am able to post an IDOC from a XML file with my custom fields, when I fill the IDOC Header EDI_DC40 with CIMTYPE "z_ext".

I am able to post a file with the business extensions fields as well, using the CIMTYPE "/b_ext/".

However I have to use both extensions, and when I try to post an IDOC which has fields from both , I get an syntax error in bd87 which says, that one of the extensions segments is not identified. I can't pass the field CIMTYPE two times in the EDI_DC40 Header, which seems to be the problem.

Does anybody have a suggestion how to promote in the xml that I am using two (or more) extensions?

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If you're extending an IDoc for two different purposes wouldn't you create two different IDoc/message types as well?

Sorry, I'm very much confused by this question... How did you do the extension exactly? And what are you referring to as "business extension"?

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Sorry for the confusion. I try to make it clearer.

We already have one extension to the INVOIC02 Type in use, which is implemented by a third party company. Thats what I am refering to as business extension and calling it "/b_ext/".

We have the need to extend the Type further now, with our own fields, which would be a second extension named "z_ext". The fields of the business extension are still required though, so both extensions would need to be used at the same time.


Sorry, it's still not clear what the issue is exactly... You can have multiple extensions for a basic IDoc type. For each extension, you'd need to create an extended type. In the extension, you'd include the custom segments. That's how the process works, in a nutshell. To "combine" the extensions I'm guessing you'd include the combination of all the relevant segments. So what exactly is the problem? I'm confused...


Can't you just use different fields names - I'm as confused as Jelena.

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