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IC Context Area ToolBar buttons disappear when using Internet Explorer and Edge

Dec 18, 2017 at 10:05 AM


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we are facing the problem that IC Context Area ToolBar buttons (call controls) in WebClient UI disappear from time to time without any clear reason and reload of the page is needed.

The problem occurs only when using Internet Explorer and Edge of all versions. In Chrome everything is OK, call controls are always visible.

We implemented Note 2539608, but the problem did not disappear.

Maybe someone had faced this problem and managed to fix it? Any help would be appreciated.

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2 Answers

Corrine Guan
Dec 20, 2017 at 03:50 AM

Hello Justas,

What's your CRM versions ? What's the IE version?

Maybe you can check if SAP Note 1682845 is implemented in your system.

If this note is not implemented yet, please implement it. After the note implementation, clear both browser and server cache before you retest:

Delete the server cache, please go to transaction SMICM -> GoTo
->HTTPPlug-In->Server Cache -> Invalidate Globally: "Yes" to invalidate

Delete the IE cache, go to menu 'tools'->'internet options'->'general' tab , 'delete' button

Best regards, Corrine

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Hello, Corrine,

thank you very much for the answer.

Unfortunately, Note 1682845 and other Notes mentioned in this Note cannot be implemented to our SAP system (according to Implementation State).

Our WEBCUIF version is 748 and BBPCRM version is 714. IE version 11.1295.10586.0 and Edge version 25.10586.672.0.

Maybe you have some more suggestions?



  • May I know your CRM exactly versions including SP? for example, for BBPCRM, is it SAPKU71405 or something like this, for WEBCUIF, is it SAPK-74805INWEBCUIF or something like this?
  • If you can take httpwatch trace, is there anything abnormal found ? For example, the return code is 403 for some requests...
  • Does the same issue occur in standalone CRM WebUI ? Means, without any load balance, url redirection, web dispatcher, portal, etc.
  • If possible, can you make a test by adding URL parameter "sap-ie=EmulateIE10" to the start URL ? for example: the url will be like this: ...../sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_start/default.htm?sap-ie=EmulateIE10 , or else, you can set user parameter CRM_THTMLB_IE_COMP with value IE10 in transaction SU01, SU3 for IC agent users. Please let me know if the issue still occurs with IE10 parameters.

Best Regards, Corrine


Hello, Corrine,

  • BBPCRM version is SAPK-71403INBBPCRM and WEBCUIF version is SAPK-74803INWEBCUIF.
  • Httpwatch doesn't show anything interesting, but from time to time we run into HTTP 400 - Session not found error, which happens also only in IE and Edge. Interesting is that after getting this error and reloading the page, the buttons are always gone. Therefore, I think these two problems can be somehow related.
  • Session not found error occurs with URLs .../sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_frame/ and .../sap/bc/bsp/sap/crmcmp_ic_frame/main.htm. Error message is that call to one of these URLs was terminated because the corresponding services were not available.
  • Simulating older IE versions doesn't help.

Thank you again for your time!



It seems the 'session not found error' is a good point we should check.

  1. This is important -- are you using web dispatcher or something regarding load balance? If yes, does the problem happen only when the web dispatcher(or load balance) is being used? Or it also happens without using them?
  2. And also, please check in your httpwatch trace: Normally, ESID is being used in CRM WebUI and IC. for example, in a request url, you will see ..../sap(ZT1Lak96bjJQYmExZVoyaV9uRjB1UUpnPT0taFktZEtqa0h0ZTUxaVZTTld0RWF3PT0=)/bc/bsp... .
    And also, you can find parameter 'ESID' in 'POST Data' part, its value will be like (ZT1Lak96bjJQYmExZVoyaV9uRjB1UUpnPT0taFktZEtqa0h0ZTUxaVZTTld0RWF3PT0=). Please check if the requests (which has error 'session not found') contain different ESID values?
  3. Please goto SPRO-> Customer Relationship Management-> UI Framework-> UI Framework Definition-> Additional Settings for UI Framework-> Define External Session ID. Is there any entry maintained there? What are they?

Best Regards, Corrine

Sigrid Wieshofer
Dec 22, 2017 at 04:22 AM


As mentioned by Corrine, the root cause of your issue might be related to session problems. There are two main issues which can cause that the request cannot enter the right session -

  • sessions are not routed to the right application server (where the application session is hosted) due to load balanching problems
  • sessions timed out in the meantime at the backend and are therefore not available anymore

Following KBAs might help to resolve issues with problems which result in error message "Session Lost"

  • Routing issue: 1954574 CRM IC problems in complex system landscapes (alerts, greyed out ready/not ready buttons, agent dashboard, timeout, worker session
  • Timeout issue: 1757252 How to analyse problems related to session loss, logoff or blank screens caused by timeout issues

Best Regards,


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