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Apr 03, 2008 at 08:46 PM



Hi all,

I need let say some fresh brain from anybody, as I am lost in this. OK here is what I am doing. For customer setting up Service desk with 6 SAP system and 1 SOLMAN.

All of them are release 700 and SP basis 13 so quite up to date. Solman is SPS 15 so totally updated 😊

All customizing and stuff releated to Service desk was done same on all systems. IB52 have all systems and sold-to party have defined Business partner, which was created.

Now issue is that from 4 SAP system every message is created without any trouble, but only 2 SAP system always create messages without "sold-to party' and "reported by" as I checked the message also Ibase component is missing at entry data.

and other question is: " if newcomer user create at SAP message, message is created without field reported by as user is not created as Business partner" is there any way how to set up system not to create for each user business partner?

Thanks in advance