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Dec 17, 2017 at 02:44 PM

Design two table in crytal report from 2 data tables


I have two data table first record student mark details and other record grading rules. I have designed student marksheet from first data table and working as expected. Now I have to put grading rule table just below marksheet table. I have assigned records to grading rule data table. Both data table have data.

But when I try to add cross tab table for second data table then crystal report doesn't show anything but if cross tab of second data table is remove record are shown.

As sheen above I have shown exam mark sheet but if I add cross tab for second data table then I just get blank page. I want to print grading system exactly as shown in above picture. My crystal report Database field is shown as below

I can't merge these two datatables into one because one is rule table while other is actual data container table and moreover I have other rules to print in tabular format beside Grade rule.


record.png (17.9 kB)
datasource.png (8.0 kB)