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Attachments in Interaction Record

Dec 15, 2017 at 05:46 PM


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I'm trying to add the Attachments block to Interaction Record component.

I've followed the blog Former Member and I can successfully see the new block in my screen. However the buttons are not enabled to create any document.

I've also check that component GS_CM is already enhanced. There is an implementation in view GS_CM/AddDoc for event handler EH_ONATTACH_BTN (validation of file type, tax number, dates...).

Could you guys help me solve this issue? What can be the reason for this behavior?

Thank you!


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1 Answer

Corrine Guan
Dec 20, 2017 at 04:46 AM

Hello Diego,

If you use the mainwindow, then the view should be GS_CM/DocList by default I guess, right?

I debugged in standard 'sales order' creation view for the 'attachments' assignment block.

Method CL_GS_CM_DOCLIST_IMPL->IF_BSP_WD_TOOLBAR_CALLBACK~GET_BUTTONS (maybe in your case, the class will be a different one?) should be something : In CL_GS_CM_DOCLIST_IMPL->fill_buttons, ls_button-enabled is set according to different conditions. Thus please debug and see how the logics affects.

Best Regards, Corrine

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Hello Corrine,

I've debbuged the GET_BUTTONS method and in the GET_DISPLAY_MODE( ) method I'm getting abap_true. That's why my CMBO is not bound.

However, in my component ZICCMP_ATTACH (that has a usage of GS_CM) the WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE of my component controller has the code to bind my CMBO node (as described in the step 8 of the blog I've mentioned before).

I've also realized that my ON_NEW_FOCUS implementation (step 6 of the blog) is not getting triggered.

Do you have any idea what is happening?

Regards, Diego.


Hello Diego,

  • "I've debbuged the GET_BUTTONS method and in the GET_DISPLAY_MODE( ) method I'm getting abap_true. That's why my CMBO is not bound.", not sure exactly which variant is getting abap_true which causes the buttons greyed out?Would you please give more detailed description?
  • And also, regarding CMBO is not bound, you think it is because ON_NEW_FOCUS is not executed at all, right? Maybe you can use CRM existing cases for comparison like: business role SALESPRO->create a 'sales order', add the assignment block 'Attachments' to the salespro page, and set breakpoint on ON_NEW_FOCUS, to see the callstacks and compare.

Best Regards, Corrine



  • ON_NEW_FOCUS is will triggered when Focus event is raised in the CONNECT_CONTEXT methods of particular CTX classes

I have checked ICCMP_BT_INR WD_USAGE_INITILAIZATION method and found that before binding itself, there is no entity bound for both the context nodes BTadminH and BTOrder.

  • What is the way to entities are filled in the ICCMP_BT_INR in the WD_USAGE_INITILAIZATION metho