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Advanced returns RE2 follow up processed with error, no log

Hello gurus,

After saving RE2 (activity type "Return to Vendor", refund Type "Replacement"), in some cases, Subsequent Delivery Free of charge (SD2, Step ID 1211) is not automatically created, returning "Processed with erorrs". When I go "Display application log", it is empty, therefore I cannot even guess from which point to start analysis of what can be wrong.

If I simulatite creation of SD2 via VA01 (with reference to RE2), everything is created correctly, SD2 order is available in the returns overview, and subsequent docs from ADR-chain are automatically created.

As I mentioned before, the error happens not always, therefore it is not the issue to LO-ADR Customizing. In attachments there are bad and goods flow-chain. I have played with several combinations, the root cause seems to be in the material material (SD2 is not created for particular materials), but of course due to no logging I am not sure whether I am 100% correct, it can be e.g. HU-management issues either. Nevertheless, I found no difference between "good" and "bad" materials in MM.

Could someone give me a hint, perhaps there is the secret transaction, that could show me the logs, or whether it is possible to set the breakpoint somwhere and analyse a kind of "prot" tables in debugging mode, if such exist in this process.



with error

without error

with-error.png (10.3 kB)
with-no-error.png (13.4 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Dec 22, 2017 at 03:21 PM

    Probably I won't be of much help - I am on a lower version and do not have the replacement feature.

    One option for viewing logs including the ones from advanced returns is SLG1, but if for some reason the logs were not saved or were deleted you will still not find anything useful.

    What I noticed about logs when I made a simple test in my system is that the ARM errors (SLG1) are kept only until the problem exists. After the problem is solved the logs won't be there.

    If the problem gets fixed somehow after reprocessing (assuming you did not change anything else) and you check the logs after reprocessing, this could explain why you see nothing.

    If after reprocessing the error is still there but you cannot see logs in SLG1 and in msr_trc_c and you have no problems with authorizations then maybe something prevents logs from being written. Did you see anything suspicious in SM13/ST22? If not, then I am afraid you may have to resort to debugging (/ha in msr_trc_c and press restart document creation).

    You may also check in lmsr_lfef01 for messages, I suppose. The actual log saving happens in CL_MSR_LFE_HELPER, SAVE_APPLICATION_LOG.

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    • Hi Veselina,

      Unfortunately, neither SLG1 shows anything, nor CL_MSR_LFE_HELPER

      I had to debug the issue step by step and found the root-cause. Problem is in BELEG_SICHERN, therefore ARM shows no log. However, I think I need to describe the error here, probably it can help someone in the future (since I spent appr 4 hours for F5 debugging). First of all, we are using IS-Retail. As you can see, in my scenario, the Return order is created to Plant A, while SDF goes from Plant B. Also in my Scnerio SDF position has the item-categpory - Sales Order Stock (i.e. Preq is automatically created).
      The problem was, that im Master, Purchasing Group was maintained only on Plant B (MARC-EKGRP). For Plant A it was empty.
      if you create SDF for Plant B via VA01 (with ref to Return-SO to Plant A), the value for Preq is copied from MARC-EKGRP for Plant B.

      However in ARM, BADI gets it from MARC-EKGRP for Plant A. since I did not have the values here, Preq could not be created, and sunsequently, SO could not be saved. Unfortunately in my case - withou log (at least errror message "Fill all mandatory fields" would have helped here.
      The topic is closed.