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Buyer not a part of release strategy then how can he reject PR after final release?

Dec 19, 2017 at 06:05 AM


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hi Gurus,

We have below requirement from client.

we have PR release strategy and procurement team is not part of that. once final release done then PR will be release but if buyer want to reject it then how can he will reject it?

(We are using item level release.)

Procurement team wants authority to reject PR after all release.

I suggested to add new release indicator for Procurement team.

is there any other easy option to reject PR after all release


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4 Answers

Jayant Garg Dec 19, 2017 at 02:23 PM


Please follow the steps mentioned in the attached link for Rejection of released PR by Buyer in SAP ERP system- (Please check SAP authorizations with SAP Basis for Buyer's role in your company)

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Your link does not work


Hi ,

This type of process scenarios has been answered earlier by our one of SCN member .But link is not operational so I am mentioning the solution as below in text format-

Rejection(release refused) of Purchase requisition?

This question is answered

Hi all, Sorry to post again. In ECC 6.0 i have to reject a Purchase Requisition in the transaction ME54N. When i am rejecting a PR in ME54N an event in Business object type BUS2105 called 'Rejection_start' is getting triggered. There are two more event in this business object 'Rejected' and 'Rejected_stop'. This is the root cause of my doubt. Will PR be rejected by just pressing the Reject button in the transaction ME54N or there is some more to be done.


Gautham P

Correct Answer


Just click on the reject button and save the PR, then the PR gets rejected. As you are asking about the bussiness object BUS2105 and the events in the business object the details are as follows: Rejected' : This event is triggered when you are pressing the reject button and save the PR 'Rejected_stop' : This event is triggered when you are cancelling the rejection ( You are approving the PR by pressing release button) after rejection of PR.



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This is not possible in standard way. Only possible is including purchasing team in release strategy.



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Jürgen L
Dec 19, 2017 at 07:34 AM

Basically the customizing of release strategy is needed to enable SAP to determine the release groups and release codes which are needed to release a requisition. As this is all finished when the final release was done, it should be possible to reject the PR just by having proper authority (pre-condition the PR allows changes after the final release).

I would give this a try and define a role which allows to access the release transaction as well as all release groups and release codes (* star) and assign it to the buyer just to find out whether it works. Of course allows such generic authority as well to release any PR, so you might take this into consideration when deciding whether it would be a good solution to allow buyers a rejection without being part in the strategy.

And always keep in mind not to change existing strategies, create new strategies if needed.

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Thanks Jurgen..

I will try your suggestion and if its work then i will revert.


Dibyendu Patra Dec 19, 2017 at 07:36 AM

How can new release indicator reject the release ?

A person can reject the release if he/she has the authorization to release. If your procurement team wants to reject all releases, then he/she must have authorization for all release codes. There are no special authorization only for reject.

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Yes.. Dibyendu Patra

Actually i putted release indicator instead of release code.

thanks for your reply!!!