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Landing Page Integration with Double-Opt in Confirmation E-Mail

Dec 18, 2017 at 06:59 PM


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Hello together,

we have two questions:

1. Double Opt in Process:

We are using a landing page integration with double-opt in. If permission is not given, than direct-opt out should be applied.

The problem is, that after the customer data is maintained on the landing page the confirmation email is send out. BUT the marketing permission is given even before the confirmation email is confirmed.

We think that this must be a bug.

2. Marketing Permission for Channel:

In our landing page we would like to receive the permission for several channels (SMS, Social Media, Telephone, etc.). We have added this fields in the content studio. When I mark these fields on the landing page the permission is not send back to Hybris Marketing. It is just working for E-Mails:

Do we always have to provide the information for the channel like for SMS the mobile phone number or for Social Media Info the facebook ID?

Thank you.



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Krishnendu Laha Dec 18, 2017 at 07:44 PM

hello Oliver,

Here are my answers:

1. By default in Hybris Marketing, all country has implicit marketing permissions, that means no permission is required. You need to configure Explicit Permission for each country, have you done that?

2. Yes, you need Mobile number along with ID Origin to get permission for SMS. It would not work with E-mail.

Thanks, Krish

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Hi Krish,

thank you.

1. This is solved somehow. Now contact is anonymous and Channel do not have Opt-In until the confirmation is confiremd by the customer. I dont know what it was. I think some kind of refresh problem.

2. I understand. If I put in landing page the permission for a specific channel like SMS the Mobile Phone Number has to be there too.