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Dec 18, 2017 at 05:09 PM

Generate NW 7.50 AS JAVA stack.xml file with SUM



According to SAP note 2287046 it is possible to create stack.xml WITHOUT SolMan present. For NW 7.50 AS JAVA it says the procedure is like: 2293050.

I have downloaded the latest version of SUM, unpacked it, changed the file startup.props as per step 3 and 4. After starting SUM on the instance host (as stated for unix /usr/sap/<SID>/SUM/STARTUP confighostagent <SID>) and opening the url: http://HOST:1128/lmsl/sumjava/SID/index.html it starts as described - not asking for any options. After the process is completed, I get the final step. At this point, and later no file is found in usr/sap/<SID>/SUM/sdt/htdoc/SysInfoExport.xml , also no file (404 error) here: http://<sum-hostname>:1128/lmsl/sumjava/<SID>/SysInfoExport.xml

In the steps of SUM it says it has gathered the system info, but no file is quoted there.

Do I miss something, or I have to open a ticket to SAP?