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Apr 03, 2008 at 07:40 AM

Subcontracting of an operation


Hello All

Am having a scenario wherein to produce a FG there are five operations and fourth operation is subcontracted to the vendor.

I shall explain the exact scenario here: Client is manufacturing a Brass Terminal(FG) and to produce this he requires a Brass Rod(ROH). Following are the operations being performed on the Brass Rod(ROH):

1) Turning

2) Machining

3) Finishing

4) Plating (This operation is being subcontracted to the vendor)

5) Packing

So far I know that I have to use special procurement key 30. I would appreciate if somebody tell me the settings need to be done in the material & operation detail like assigning the subcontracting info record, material movements, and material code logic if at all the material code would be changed when it comes back to the plant after being processed by vendor for plating. Expecting your response at earliest.


J K Tharwani