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Dec 15, 2017 at 06:02 PM

Agentry Work Manager - Add Signature as DMS attachment



Agentry Work Manager standard is already able to capture a signature but it's stored in a property type "Signature" and then processes in Java, as I could see this field has some metadata and the Java gets the actual signature string by adding ".bmp" to the end of the string to access a property, something like .transaction.signatureField.bmp

But I would like to skip all this and store the signature directly as a new DMS/BDS attachment in the work orders attachment list with the MIME type BMP.

Is this possible? How can I get the data from the Signature type field into a External Data field? Or how can I make that instead of opening a picture/document stored in iPad, the attach document process allows me to enter a signature?


Marçal Oliveras