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Apr 02, 2008 at 05:42 PM

Performance of TableSingleMarkableCell (Table-CellVariant)



We are using a WD-Table for a RecordsSheet-Application. For each of the TableCells we'd like to enter the amount and if necessary a short comment.

The approach we are using is by having TableSingleMarkableCell with an InputField in it (for the amount) and then a single button that opens a popup for the comment. This has three advantages: only one tablecell is selectable and highlighted, and the comment is hidden and does not require additional space on the screen, and it is possible to find out which cell is selected with the mouse (for assigning the input from the popup to the right context-element and -attribute.

But the disvantage is, that when selecting a cell, the framework does two roundtrips and with a lot of cells (30 columns and 8 rows) this takes up to 10 seconds per click the user has to wait until the cell is ready.

Is there a better (way more performant) solution or different approach for this kind of problem? Any other way of how to find out which cell (row AND column) is selected with the cursor?

Best regards,