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Error reading tomcat trough JMX in BIPST 2.1

Dec 15, 2017 at 10:38 AM


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Just having upgraded to BIPST 2.1, following the upgrade instructions

But I have run into an issue.

It would seem that I no longer can get information about the webserver

Resulting in a incomplete landscape analysis

I have checked (and re-created) the JMX settings and the seams validated

Any ideas on what is causing this issue?

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2 Answers

Leslie Mui
Dec 15, 2017 at 06:20 PM


Would it be possible for you to test the workflow via jconsole? It's a utility bundled with the java JDK available that can connect via JMX as well

The JDK is available here: (Not inside the BIPST installation).

Run the command

> "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_152\bin\jconsole.exe" mytomcatserver:8008

Does this command connect to the WAS successfully?

Edit:: This is a bug in BIPST 2.1.0, I'll fix it for 2.1.1

The WAS report currently doesn't work against Tomcat 7.

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Now I have tried, and I am able to connect with my jmxuser and password, and recieve fine metrics when I use jconsole.

But I still get an error when I use BIPST.



Could you double check that the http port is correct?

The screenshot shows 80, while Tomcat defaults to 8080.

If jconsole works, the problem should be with one of the other configuration parameters



As I just wrote to Ajay, then the Tomcat is running on port 80.

Besides, this is the same settings I has when I was running BIPST 2.0 with out any issues.

The Tomcat JMX errors did first occur when I upgraded to BIPST 2.1.



I am still facing an issue to get BIPST 2.1 to connect to JMX on my old Tomcats.
Have I missed anything? Does BIPST 2.1 not support BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Patch 4?

I have tried to make a new installation on a new machine - same result

I have tried to remove the jmxuser and password for the Tomcat configuration (no authentication) - same result.

So I have attached the error as it is logged in the BIPST log (bipst-glf-log-snippet.txt), i the hope that this information can shed some light on the issue. If I can't get this to work, I will have to downgrade to 2.0 with the lack of features and errors this version had, but at least, here the JMX extensions worked



That's an interesting error.

What version of Tomcat are you running - Is it the out-of-the-box Tomcat for BI or external?

Could you fire up jconsole, connect to your tomcat instance and check this from the MBeans tab:

Catalina -> Engine -> Attributes -> catalinaBase - does this exist, if it does, what value does it have?

I'll get a machine set up to test it - it's a new check which we didn't have in 2.0


Hey Thomas,

I deployed an 4.1 SP05 image and I see the problem - I'll put in a fix for 2.1.1.

Thanks for the report and testing.




Hi Leslie

Thanks for you effort to ;)

I couldn't find the catalinaBase attribute in my MBeans tab

But I could see on another attribute that the Tomcat should be version Apache Tomcat/7.0.55

Eagerly looking forward to test 2.1.1



Thanks Thomas,

Looks like the same problem as I found.

We're looking for the catalinaBase property which is in Tomcat 8, but in Tomcat 7, it uses baseDir instead for the same value.

4.1 SP09+ and 4.2 use Tomcat 8, if upgrading is feasible, and 4.2 SP04+ uses Tomcat 8.5, both of which work with BIPST 2.1

Tomcat 9 is also supported from 4.2 SP05 - I'll test and make sure it works with 2.1.1 as well.



Hi Leslie

Looking forward to that. 4.2 is on our roadmap and slowly in the progress, but it will still take some time before all systems is fully upgraded. It could be interessting to see whether your version 2.1.1 is out before we have updated all our servers ;)


Ajay Gupta Jan 06 at 05:53 PM


Looks like you have the HOST port set incorrectly. If this a default install then Tomcat would be on Port 8080. Try changing your HOST port to 8080.


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It is not an default installation.
Tomcat is running on port 80 ;)