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Dec 15, 2017 at 09:34 AM

Object type does not exist


Hi All,

We are transporting our developments from SAP ECC 6 systems to S4/HANA systems (build 1610). Importing the transport works without a problem but we are facing problem with the interface(please see the attached images), when I try to open the interface it is showing status message "Object type does not exist". When I try to expand the interface it is showing information message "Object list 000000000151 does not exist". Other interfaces are working fine, only problem is with this particular interface.

I have tried the following to solve this problem.

1. Rebuild the object list (right click on the interface additional functions -> Rebuild object list). -- problem still exists

2. Re-imported the interface which is creating the problem. -- problem still exists

3. Re- imported the whole package and its objects including the interface. -- problem still exists

Also deleted the interface object in the S4/HANA system from TADIR table and re-imported the transports, still the problem exists.

I have made the package and its objects check, it is showing the interface is deleted. But when I try to create a new one with same name, getting an error object with same name exists.

Could you please let me know if anyone knows how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.