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Former Member
Apr 02, 2008 at 01:14 PM

Planning Sequence/Function times out



I have the following issue. I have a planning layout and many planning sequences/functions attached to the push buttons on the layout. The problem is that when I am trying to execute any of the planning sequences attached to the buttons (click the button), the "wheel keeps spinning" and eventually the application times out without computing anything. it works fine in Development and QA systems, but not in P. the only difference between the 3 environments is the Support Stack level. in P we are still on SPS 11 and D and QA is SPS 13.

I suppose there can be multiple reasons for why this is happening, but what should I be looking for first? Why does it time out? It does not seem to matter how many records PF is processing, because it times out with 4 records and 40K records. Any ideas or pointers to look at?