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Apr 02, 2008 at 11:57 AM

FPN - Saving BI Links (KM Bookmarks) to the Consumer Portal Favorites


Hi, I'm posting this message again in hopes that either a mentor, SAP person, or Portal Expert can help. I have received several emails from people looking to do the same thing I am. The problem seems like a major integration gap between Portals and BI.

We use a Federated Portal Network where the Enterprise Portal (EP) is the Consumer Portal and the BI

Portal (BP) is the Producer Portal. BI Report Users access BI Reports from the Enterprise Portal through Remote Role Assignment.

BI Report "Save As" functionality allows you to save a "KM Bookmark" to the BI Portal Favorites. I am specifically looking to save a "KM Bookmark" to the Enterprise Portal(Consumer) Favorites and NOT the BI Portal(Producer). This only makes sense since our users only have access to the Enterprise Portal.

Our users are accessing their BI Reports from the Enterprise Portal and the users would like to save a link (KM Bookmark) to their Enterprise Portal Favorites. Currently, it looks like the "Save As" Functionality for saving "KM Bookmarks" is only allowing (Pointing) us to save the KM bookmarks to our BI Portal.

1. In an FPN Environment can we save a "KM Bookmark" Link to a BI Report into the Enterprise (Consumer) Portal Favorites?

2. If we are in a FPN Environment and users cannot save KM Bookmarks to Enterprise Portal Favorites and can only put "KM Bookmarks" in the BI Portal then how are users to access their links from the Enterprise Portal Environment?

3. Just a note. I think these saved links are called KM Bookmarks. You can see this from the BI Report "Save As" dialog. If you do a search through SAP Documentatiion you do not see a single reference to "KM Bookmark".

4. I have found OSS Note1149597, but I do not believe this addresses this exact issue

If anyone can provide some valuable insight into this Portal and BI Integration it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,

Thanks for any help you can provide.