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Apr 02, 2008 at 10:31 AM

VC Excel Export


Hi Everyone!

I´m working with the VC for a couple of weeks now and this forum was always a great source of inspiration and of course of help to me. No I got my first own question:

I´m trying to integrate a "Export to Excel"-Button (to an iView / Form Table). I use the "How to...Export Data from Visual Composer"-Guide from SAP (link below).

The integration of the button itselfe is not my main problem. I use this code as hyperlink for the button:







After deploying the iView and starting the report i get a normal filled table with my data. If i click on the export button a new Internet Explorer windows opens and shows me a screen i´ve never seen before. It contains the following four points / options:

Cluster Administration

Archive Uploader

Archive Deployment Checker

Archive Remover

Generated link: MY_SERVER:PORT/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/pcd!3aportal_content!!%202fplatform_add_ons!!%202fiViews!

What is this screen god for? My user profile is super administrator on this server.

What is wrong?! Why is the Excel export not working like in the "How to..."-Guiede? Is there a package (PAR) missing in our system to proceede the export operation or a server location missing somewhere? What should i do to get this working?!

Thank you!

Thomas Schö