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Apr 01, 2008 at 08:34 PM

Understanding Dynamic Navigation iview.....


In MSS, I have the following workset in my role...

->Team (workset)

---+ Team (webdynpro proxy page)

---+ Employee information (folder)

---+ Employee Working Time (folder)


The "Team webdynpro proxy page" has an iview ,"Services", assigned in "Dynamic Navigation" but there is nothing particular about that iView itself. However, all folders (and their contents) below the Team webdynpro proxy page appear in the Dynamic Navigation panel (like "Employee information" and "Employee Working Time"). I do not understand the connection between the dynamic navigation iview and how all folders in that workset know to display in that dynamic navigation area. There seems to be no explicit assignment. How does that work?

edit: a bit more info....the "Services" iview is part of the Common Parts business package and based off the "related services" iview template. Still not sure how it "knows" to display the objects below that page that has it assigned as dynamic nav.