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Apr 01, 2008 at 05:08 PM

Upgrade from 3.X to 2004s


Hi All,

I have the following quetions on the upgrade. COuld you answer them if you have done upgrade from 3.x to 2004s.

The technical upgrade to 2004s has been done. All the BW development and objects are in 3.x. I would have to change the objects to 2004s. COuld you give me the steps and pit falls to watch out for?

1. Migrate the data source to 7.0 with Export Option.

2. Create Transformations

3. Create DTP's to load data?

and so on.

What will happen to the transfer rule/ transfer structure, update rules and old info packages?

Will they be available or automatically changed to 2004s compatible.

I know the queries nned to be opened using new query designer and saved again as 2004s.

Anything that I skip and need to know?

Thanks in advance.

Alex (Arthur Samson)