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Apr 01, 2008 at 03:54 PM

Maintain Control Parameters for Data Transfer - Help


Hi All,

I am trying to ensure that my system is running at full capacity that is possible. So when the data transfer is kicked off I want to make sure that all the background processes in source system is being used.

My understanding by default the Source System only uses two Background processes for extraction. Q1: Is that correct?

To all the system to use more I need to update in SBIW "Maintain Control Parameters for Data Transfer"

Q2: Should I do this in the source system or BI. I would have thought BI? I have set it in BI and ran a load which 8 parallel processes running in the process chain. Only 1 background processes are used in the source system when looking at SM50 - maybe only this amount is required. But i do want to make sure it can use 8.

Q3: Whichever system I should be making the settings what should the target system and the source system be?

Many thanks for your help