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Could not load Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.32bits.\sybcsi_core210.dll

Dec 15, 2017 at 02:36 AM


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Our application got error on Windows XP SP3(.Net Framework 4.0).
The type initializer for 'Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseConnection' threw an exception. --->
Could not load C:\Documents and Settings\user_name
\Local Setting\Temp\Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.32bits.\sybcsi_core210.dll
at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseConnection.SaveAndLoadLibrary(String directory_name, String dll_name, Int32 bits)
at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseConnection.LoadLibraries()

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseConnection..cctor()

--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseConnection..ctor(AseConnection realConnection, String connectionString)

at Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseConnection..ctor(String connectionString)

at GCM.BSS_Connection.Init(String p_gConnect)
After checking, we could not find Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.32bits. in user profile Temp folder.
We have tried to solve the procblem by
1. re-create the user profile or
2. copy Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.32bits. from developer machine to the user profile
But still got the error.
Our application is built by VS2015, target framework is .Net Framework 4.0,
Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.dll (v16.0.2.3).

Has anyone experienced this problem ?

Please help, how to fix it or workaround.

Thanks you and best regards

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2 Answers

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Former Member Dec 19, 2017 at 02:50 AM

We installed .net framework 2 SP2 and it works now. Thanks

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Alberto Merino
Dec 15, 2017 at 10:35 AM

Please check

You are running

Windows XP SP3(.Net Framework 4.0).

But we only support ..

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 x86, Service Pack 1 or later
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 x86-64, Service Pack 1.0 or later
  • Microsoft Windows 7 x86-64

Please run test in Windows 7. Thanks

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Former Member

We are using v16.0.2.3. Thanks