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Apr 01, 2008 at 02:44 PM

Generic Delta via Date field


Hi Gurus,

Problem with generic delta (quite a topic in SDN already, but I found no complete response)

I have a custom table in the source system (CRM 5.0) and would like to load the table to BW (7.0).

I have created an extractor from the table and activated the generic delta on date field (last change date) which is in the table.

I have activated change document at the data type of the ‘last change date’


initial works fine

delta shows no records

In TX: RSO2 menu  DataSource  ALE Delta is disabled (I was unable to enable it)

In table: ROOSGEN I have no message type for the extractor

In TX: RSA7 I see no new entries in the delta

I found a very good how-to:

But do I really have to code here anything?

I used an older how-to:

Is there a way how can I activate the generic delta without to code? I really need just a primitive delta, no special intelligence.

Thanks in advance

Will reward any hint!