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link between class and characteristics being broken in DMS.

We have a zprogram (one in production named ZDMS_OSE_ANKUR and one in the test server named ZDMS_OSE both of those are attached) for assigning an external number range to the documents we upload to the DMS.

We use a hierarchy based system for numbering the documents we save/create and attach that number as one of the characteristics of the DMS file.

After the GST upgrade of the system, i.e. to ECC 6.0, the program is unable to save two consecutive files.

The main problem is as follows:

The first document, say "document1" is being saved/created correctly.
But, if we input another document without exiting the program, the next document doesn't have the class link in it. And the "additional data" tab is missing from CV03N.
once we get out of the program and re-run the same document the DMS file is saved correctly.

In the test server (program ZDMS_OSE) we don't have any of those issues.

Is it a server based issue?

Are the minor changes to the test program is the reason?

We have a programmer working on it right now and we are unsure, please advice.


Production program:


Test server program:


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1 Answer

  • Dec 15, 2017 at 08:04 AM

    Hi Santosh,

    Few things that came to mind:

    • Ask the developer why there is not COMMIT (the command or the BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT) after needed steps, why the use of subroutines and not classes, why he uses CV110_DOC_CREATE and not BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2 (see here for an example and read the comments).
    • If you have the same program (that is supposed to do the same thing) that is working (due to the minor changes?) why not use it?
    • In the test server program - ZDMS_OSE - there is 5 seconds wait and in production, a 10 seconds wait, why is that? Is there a COMMIT inside CV110_DOC_CREATE (if you chose to use it)? The fact you are exiting the program and then coming back into it and it sort itself out strongly suggest that it's a COMMIT issue - the document is still locked/processed by the system. - You are using BAPI_DOCUMENT_DEQUEUE but not handling the return values of that function, so assuming it is done is a false assumption Please let the programmer know.
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