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Has anyone ever gotten this kind of error while creating MIRO? Did not occur Updated Production Environment. And no configuration. The error started 5 days and only happens for some PO service.


ABAP program "SAPLJ1BI" The ABAP runtime system has discovered that Dictionary type "WITH_ITEMX" changed while the transaction was running. Since the old version of the type is already in use and in the same transaction the new version should be used, the transaction was interrupted to avoid inconsistencies.

Program.............. SAPLJ1BI

Screen.............. SAPLMR1M 6000

Screen line.......... 36

Active debugger..... "none"

The termination occurred in ABAP program "SAPLJ1BI", in "FILL_TEXT_TABLES". The main program was "SAPLMR1M". In the source code, the termination point is in line 2335 of (Include) program "LJ1BIF01".

2321 LOOP AT int01.

2322 *-- read text with language -------------------------------------------*

2323 SELECT SINGLE * FROM j_1bmmnfxt

2324 WHERE spras = sy-langu

2325 AND textkey = int01-textkey

2326 AND seqnr = int01-seqnr.

2327 IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.

2328 MOVE j_1bmmnfxt-text TO int01-text.

2329 ENDIF.

2330 *-- read argument for replace text variable ---------------------------*

2331 SELECT SINGLE * FROM j_1bmmnfa

2332 WHERE arg = int01-arg.

2333 IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.

2334 MOVE j_1bmmnfa-argfd TO int01-argfd.

>>>> ASSIGN (int01-argfd) TO <o>.

2336 WRITE <o> TO zw_symbol.

2337 REPLACE '&' WITH zw_symbol INTO int01-text.

2338 CONDENSE int01-text.

2339 ENDIF.

2340 MODIFY int01.



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1 Answer

  • Dec 13, 2017 at 05:53 PM

    Please look at transaction ST22 and it will tell you how to search for the relevant SAP notes for your error - see

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